Billet Families

Billet Family Application

New Ulm Steel Billet (host) Families play a vital role in our organization’s success both on and off the ice.  These special people open their homes and hearts to our players, ages 16-20, providing them a place to live and an environment they can thrive in, while they pursue their dream of reaching a higher level of hockey.  Host families are expected to treat players as one of their own while providing them with a bedroom and meals.

Arriving in early September and staying through March, the players take an active role in many aspects of family life and are expected to respect the host family rules as well as those of the STEEL.  The values and principles for success that are essential to become a member of the STEEL will be demanded at the rink, in the home, in school and in the community.

STEEL players make excellent role models for younger players aspiring to play at higher levels.  Players often keep in contact with their billet family long after they are done playing for the STEEL.  If you ask any young player that has played away from home, their fondest memories likely include their billet family.

 The application process gives the team the information we need to ensure the best possible fit, with a good pairing of player(s) and family.  The host family is compensated $375.00 per month/per player for groceries and expenses.  Host families will receive tickets for all STEEL home games (played at the New Ulm Civic Center).  Players will provide their own transportation and cell phones.

In compliance with league rules, all housing families must pass a criminal background check.